ChatFunnels’ New Feature: Agent Performance Tracking

Measuring and tracking your teams’ performance has many benefits. It will drive productivity and improve overall team morale. Agent performance tracking is definitely a game changer!

The end goals of chatbots, and especially live chat, is to improve visitors’ experience and to capture more leads. To reach those goals, ChatFunnels has recently launched a new feature in their software to track agent performance. It is important to prioritize which metrics to focus on, and with this new feature, it makes that extremely easy. Each agent who uses Chatfunnels will now track 5 key metrics–response time, response rate, email capture rate, meetings booked rate, and total conversations.

1. Response Time

This metric is measuring how long it took you on average to respond to a chat routed to you from the bot. You want your response time to be low. Visitors don’t want to wait around forever!

2. Response Rate

The response rate tells you the percentage of chats routed to you that you actually responded to. Basically, it’s the number of chats with agent participation divided by the total number of chats routed to that particular agent. Hopefully this is 100% because you don’t want to leave anyone hanging!

3. Email Capture Rate

Here come the leads!

This metric measures how many visitors provided their emails to you out of how many chats were routed to you. Tracking this is very useful because you want you and your team to be focused on what really matters–capturing leads.

4. Meetings Booked Rate

Similar to the email capture rate, this metric tracks how many chats lead to booking a meeting out of all the chats routed to you. It is number of meetings booked divided by the total conversations.

5. Total Conversations

You can also see how many conversations the bot routes to you. You need to make sure that you and your team have your availability turned on when you are in the office, so that the bot can send conversations to you when human assistance is needed.

Gamification Drives Performance

Never heard of gamification? Basically, it’s adding game mechanics into non game environments to help employees achieve goals.

In order to incorporate gamification, we have displayed these metrics by ranking. This means that each agent can see how they compare to their team members. It adds a competitive element to it, which will motivate you and your team! Receiving immediate feedback on your performance is proven to be beneficial to future performance. Plus, 72% of employees claim gamification inspires them to work harder.

This new agent performance tracking feature will transform your business operations and increase the effectiveness of your chatbots. Your team needs to work hand in hand with the bots so your conversion rates can skyrocket!

And get ready for more exciting features to come! (Have you already checked out our new FAQ Bot?)

Pete Ketchum

Pete Ketchum

Contributor for Signals with a background in public service, tech, business and marketing.

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