The Danger of Relying on Crowdsourced Data: Why Accuracy Matters


The article tackles the risk of basing business decisions on crowdsourced data, highlighting how inaccurate information can lead to misguided strategies. Despite the ubiquity of user-generated content and its increasing influence on consumer behavior, it has essential weaknesses that could potentially harm your business.

Key Points

1. Questionable accuracy and vulnerability to manipulation

2. Imbalanced representation

3. Lack of expertise

Detailed Analysis

Questionable accuracy and vulnerability to manipulation

Crowdsourced data is open to manipulation resulting in inaccurate information. With this data source, there’s no surefire way to verify the feedback, which increases the chances of making business decisions based on falsehoods. “Companies must be aware that crowdsourced data can be misleading due to misrepresentation or bias,” warns the BCG.

Imbalanced representation

The user feedback from crowdsourced data often represents extreme sentiment, either elated or completely dissatisfied customers, rarely the moderates. This could lead to a skewed insight, making marketing and sales teams assume a positive or negative consensus among their customer base where there isn’t one.

Lack of expertise

The crowd is not necessarily representative of experts in the field of your business, which limits the quality of feedback they can provide. Crowdsourcing often comprises laypeople whose understanding of the subject in question is limited and might not be good indicators of your business performance.

The “Signals Hot Take”

With an AI-powered tool like Signals, businesses can attain a more accurate and representative analysis of their website visitors’ digital behaviors. This tool offers a more dependable source of data by bypassing the shortcomings of crowdsourced data. It uses visitor behaviour to provide insights, enhance customer conversion strategies, and deliver actionable intelligence to marketing and sales leaders. Signals can extract knowledge from vast amounts of data to yield authentic and predictable insights. This helps in avoiding the risk of misinformation attributed to crowdsourced data. With Signals, businesses can make decisions based on dependable data, reinforcing their marketing and sales strategies for better results.

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