ChatFunnels’ New Feature: The FAQ Bot

As you may or may not know, ChatFunnels is a software company focused on conversation optimization with chatbots. We have recently released an exciting new feature in our software– the FAQ bot.

What Is the FAQ Bot?

The FAQ bot is a chatbot that serves as a form of customer service management. It offers increased website automation by seamlessly providing answers to common visitor queries, therefore dodging the dreaded phone trees.

It not only answers frequently asked questions, but it can provide your customers with links to relevant and useful content, aid in navigating your site, and even direct them to live chat if needed.

How to Know if You Need to Implement an FAQ Bot

There are many use cases of FAQ bots. They can help in a variety of industries, from healthcare to travel to tech, etc. Basically, if your company has a website with a lot of traffic, an FAQ bot will do wonders!

Here’s How It Works

The FAQ bots are easier to build and deploy than you might think. Just think about what your customers’ main concerns and questions are. You’re going to use those topics to design the bot. And with our software it’s super easy! For each FAQ, you can put in a few example questions, similar to ones your customers ask or might ask. That way, the bot can learn to recognize what people are asking it. Then you type out a specific response for that group of questions.

Once deployed, the bot will recognize key words or phrases from what your customers ask and match it up with the example questions you programmed it to learn. Therefore, it is very likely it will give them the response they are looking for.

Teach the Bot

Sometimes, the bot might not know how to answer their question. You should help the bot learn and improve by accessing the bot management. There you can see which topics it’s frequently missing. Then it’s up to you to revise the bot! Look at trends and add more example questions and answers so the bot can start to address customer concerns that were previously disregarded.

This helps you stay on top of what your customers need, so that you can address and solve their problems. When the customer feels like the bot is “listening” to their questions and properly responding, they will be more satisfied and your company will gain their trust.

Benefits of the FAQ Bot

Imagine how beneficial an FAQ is for you and your customers! It can take care of the majority of questions that your customers may have.

Some instant gains you will see from this are:

  • increased customer satisfaction
  • fewer tedious phone calls for your team
  • less demand on live chat
  • less support tickets
  • greater understanding of customers needs/concerns
  • 24/7 customer support 

Overall, its purpose, as with all bots, is to aid in a smooth customer journey. And FAQ bots will improve your customer service immensely. Your team shouldn’t spend time answering monotonous phone calls; let a bot take care of that!


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