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Top 3 Trends in AI Sales Technology

Key Highlights

  • There has been an explosion of tools and different solutions to support salespeople in the last few months. 
  • Speech to text AI can be used for voicemails and in the future, there is a possibility of AI talking to people. 
  • Sales, business development and marketing are really about connecting to people, which will keep that understanding and empathy in the business world that AI can’t replace.  
  • You can use AI to save time in the creation of content and repurposing content. What would usually take hours can take minutes.  

David Dulany

David is the Founder and CEO of Tenbound, a Research and Advisory firm focused on B2B Sales Pipeline and Revenue. They are leaders in cutting-edge SaaS research, and host a number of events and webinars that bring together all levels of management to learn and network, with a focus on Sales Development. Additionally, they provide advisory services to help companies with sales development. David is a sales mastermind, and spent years perfecting his techniques at companies like Infer, OpenDNS (Acqiured by Cisco), and Glassdoor.