Demand Generation: Navigating Tools, Ownership, and Strategic Insights

Presentation graphic of demand gen tools, ownership, and strategic insights

Our keynote speakers, Heather Zynczak and Dave Elkington, discuss navigating tools, ownership, and strategic insights in today’s market. Zynczak explains, “It’s business as usual. You have to deal with all the typical stuff coming at you, but it’s just coming faster.” Key Points The fundamental principles of go-to-market strategy remain the same; it’s the methods…

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Content-Led Selling

Presentation graphic on content-led selling

Steve Schmidt discusses content-led selling and highlights long-form content, using AI for video content, and avoiding irrelevant content on Linkedin. Key Points Content-led selling is based on the idea that instead of just pitching someone, you aim to demonstrate value, educate them, and even entertain them. If they find that valuable, they will ultimately do…

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Demonstrating the Value of the Problem You Solve

Presentation graphic of demonstrating the value of the problem you solve

Todd Busler highlights finding your unique way to demonstrate the value of the problem you solve at scale. Busler also discusses navigating today’s crowded and highly competitive market in your GTM strategy. Key Points In today’s crowded markets, sales and marketing leaders need to prioritize the right accounts. Success is now a blend of a…

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The End of the BDR with AI-Powered Cold Email Campaigns

Presentation graphic on AI-powered cold email campaigns

Bill Stathopoulos discusses the end of BDR with AI-powered cold email campaigns. Key Points Cold email has various applications such as generating revenue, fundraising, determining product/market fit, and gathering market feedback. One challenge that many small companies encounter is crafting the perfect cold email flow, sequence, and content. Identifying the right targets for a cold…

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Using AI Tools to Get Leads in Today’s Market

Presentation graphic on using AI tools to get leads in today's market

Kendall Matthews highlights using AI tools to get leads in today’s market. Key Points AI tools can be helpful in demand generation, but we shouldn’t rely on them entirely for creativity. Human beings have unique abilities, like understanding important events in our target companies and creating plans of action to engage with key individuals. When…

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Using UGC to Drive Demand

Presentation graphic on using UGC to drive demand

Patrick Tedjamula highlights using UGC to drive demand by showing real experiences to potential clients. Key Points Most sales and demand generation efforts often fail to connect with real people. Instead of delivering genuine experiences, they focus on telling stories, showcasing features, or recording videos of themselves. To create more authentic experiences, consider incorporating video…

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Navigating Content Challenges and Future Trends

Presentation graphic on navigating content challenges and future trends

Lindsay Tjepkema discusses navigating content challenges and future trends. Tjepkema explains a successful content strategy by saying, “It should be fun and it should be creative… It’s like going into your kitchen and being like what ingredients do I already have and what can I make with it.” Key Points Many companies do not have…

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The Power of Precision and Narrowing Your Reach

Presentation graphic on the power of precision and narrowing your reach

Tara Pawlak highlights the power of precision and narrowing your reach by gaining a deep understanding of your customers. Key Points As a marketer, it’s valuable to make time to communicate with your customers. Work directly with the head of customer success or customer experience and let them know the type of customer you really…

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Metrics for Successful Demand Generation

Presentation graphic on the metrics necessary for successful demand generation

Joe Martin discusses the importance of tracking core metrics and the need for consistency in any successful marketing strategy. Key Points Three core metrics are important for a marketer to track: marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads, and pipeline or revenue. Customer quotes, reviews, and case studies are great for marketing campaigns and sales decks.…

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