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How to Take AI-Assisted B2B Content Marketing from Creation to Conversion

Key Highlights

  • Generative AI will help to generate top of funnel content including social posts, emails and short form blog content.  
  • High value content, where you want to have unique or new perspectives shouldn’t be AI generated because the data that AI uses is being pulled from everything that already exists, so the content that it creates is a regurgitation of existing ideas.  
  • There are still concerns about using AI generated content specifically when it comes to the quality and SEO impact. 
  • ChatGPT will always be grammatically correct and hits the right points, but it isn’t necessarily the best way for something to be written or written in the most engaging way.  

Mariah West

Mariah West is VP of Marketing at ViB, a demand generation agency specialized in driving demand for high-tech B2B companies. Previous to ViB, Mariah has held various marketing leadership roles over the last 15 years including Head of Marketing Strategy for cyber security leader Imperva, VP of Marketing for jSonar (acquired by Imperva), and Director of Global Marketing Programs for BCDR leader Zerto (Acquired by HPE). Connect with Mariah on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariah-west-576b9714/