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Picking Partners: Where To Start, And How To Optimize

Key Highlights

  • Key principles in building partnerships include identifying companies where you have similar values. 
  • Find out the best way to manage everything that is on your books and find out the logistics and planning when balancing your own needs and your partner's needs. 
  • You must pay close attention to what that relationship will be like with your partnership and contacts and how you will work together because that is a critical aspect of a partnership's success. 
  • Some of the biggest pitfalls are missing opportunities to get to know your partners or understanding their values early on. 

Alexine Mudawar

Alexine Mudawar carries more than 10+ years of SaaS sales experience, a wealth of expertise highlighted by her numerous President's Club awards, quarterly high achievement recognitions, and a consistent track record of surpassing quota, all of which have solidified her reputation as a sales industry leader; and presently, Alexine serves as the CEO of Women in Sales, passionately dedicating her efforts to the noble cause of elevating, empowering, and promoting women within the sales profession, fostering a more inclusive and successful landscape for all.