On-Demand Presentation

The Last SDR: How to Use AI & Automate Your B2B Cold Outbound Motion in 2023

Key Highlights

  • You can’t have a more effective pipeline initiative if you are not willing to put a plan into place where you talk about the cost of inaction and operation expense savings. 
  • We see the most need for improvement in those calls that could have gone completely different had the SDR just been prepped for it. 
  • Leverage things like AI to augment salespeople with the knowledge and experience they lack but can get instantly. 
  • Ensure everybody aligns around outcome-based scenarios by aligning c-suite goals, cost of inaction, and operational expense savings. 

Jordan Crawford

Jordan Crawford Is an early-stage B2B growth expert, helping startups find the pain, a message against the pain, and scale messaging. Jordan has also helped mentor people through challenging job transitions and building programmatic outbound campaigns as a service for B2B tech companies. 

Eric Nowoslawski

Eric Nowoslawski is a direct response outbound lead generation expert. And by that jumble of words, he leverages cold email, cold calls, cold social messaging, and direct mail to build predictable revenue pipelines for his clients. Eric leverages over 20 databases to merge Firmographic, Technographic, and Persona data to build highly targeted playbooks.

Steve Error

Steve Eror is the Head of Sales at Signals and a close personal friend. He attended the University of Utah and Western Governors University. Steve is an expert leader in sales and business development. As a Mid-Market Business Development team member, he focuses on helping businesses understand the power of Sales Acceleration.