On-Demand Presentation

Marketing and Sales: Play in the Grey

Key Highlights

  • There must be communication and acceptance that both teams can work on the same thing. 
  •  Identify who owns nurturing, when sales should step in, when marketing steps out, who is responsible for email creation, and who is the target audience and ICP. 
  • Who gets the credit? Attribution can distract from the right questions. There is rarely a single source, so splitting goals evenly and focusing on revenue is vital.  
  • Sales and Marketing should have a clear understanding of Personas; if there is some ambiguity, there will at least be the same language spoken to the same customer, and both teams will still communicate the same message. 
  • It comes down to if both teams are going to nurture a customer or if both teams are going to craft a product vision and storyline.  
  • Identify the top 3 areas of friction between Sales and Marketing and why the two teams may need to be aligned. 

Christina Brady

Christina has nearly two decades of overall sales experience and executive leadership in the SaaS space, Christina has a proven track record of leading individuals and organizations to growth & profitability through creative, scalable, and targeted strategy. As a former artist, musician, and improv performer, she has a genuine passion for building culture, coaching & developing leaders, and producing top-performing sales teams across small to enterprise organizations.  


Angela Romero

Angela has over 10 years of experience in a range of B2B marketing and leadership roles. Currently, she works for Spekit as the Head of Demand Generation, where she leads campaign strategy for paid advertising, events, webinars, social media, conversion rate optimization, and works closely with revenue teams to drive growth. When not immersed in the world of demand generation, Angela is putting in work on her number 1 job as a mom and spending time outdoors in the garden or attending a dance class.