On-Demand Presentation

How to Lead a Pipeline Transformation Initiative

Key Highlights

  • You can’t have a more effective pipeline initiative if you are not willing to put a plan into place where you talk about the cost of inaction and operation expense savings. 
  • We see the most need for improvement in those calls that could have gone completely different had the SDR just been prepped for it. 
  • Leverage things like AI to augment salespeople with the knowledge and experience they lack but can get instantly. 
  • Ensure everybody aligns around outcome-based scenarios by aligning c-suite goals, cost of inaction, and operational expense savings. 

William Tyree

William Tyree is the Chief Marketing Officer at Revenue.io, where he works collaboratively with the team to drive breakthrough growth while creating an iconic brand that inspires companies to improve sales experiences. Previously, he was CMO at FaceFirst and VP of Marketing at DemandResults. His thought leadership has appeared in Forbes, Ad Age, Entrepreneur, the Atlantic and elsewhere.

Jake Spear

Jake Spear is the Director of Sales at Revenue.io, where he oversees the Account Executives and Sales Development Representatives, ensuring their success and that of the organization as a whole. His expansive knowledge has been acquired through his varied background in sales, sales operations, and sales development with companies such as Sales Hacker, Snack Nation, and Velocify. Having managed new hire training for a number of teams throughout his career, he is a natural mentor and teacher who knows how to cultivate successful business relationships.