On-Demand Presentation

Grow 27% faster with Sales and Marketing Alignment

Key Highlights

  • You want to personalize your message, use messaging that speaks your customers language. Use shared insights from all teams and use a single source of truth via shared systems. 
  • You can personalize the message based off the stage of the sale cycle your customer is at or based off persona.  
  • As you set up campaigns begin to select your accounts based off static and dynamic filters. This will allow you to make it easier by automating.  
  • Start to mirror messaging your customers are already consuming in a way that marketing can attack them through advertising and other channels, and sales can attack them through providing resources through conversations that are being had.  
  • Everything needs to go to the CRM, these are built to integrate with multiple systems, they are built for multiple teams to be able to access and to make decisions based off of the data. 

Jim Gilkey

Jim Gilkey is Passionate, driven, and continuously seeking personal and professional growth. With a hunger for learning, Jim has embraced opportunities to work with renowned companies like ExactTarget and Olympia Media Group, where he gained invaluable insights into branding, culture, change management, and navigating uncertainty within organizations. Jim has a  passion for aligning sales and marketing and seized the opportunity at Morales Group, where he launched an Account-Based Marketing program and later joined Terminus as an AE, enabling them to assist top marketers nationwide in developing effective ABM strategies.