On-Demand Presentation

Google Analytics 4: Get Through it With your Sanity Intact

Key Highlights

  • Begin by starting with the evaluation of existing Google Analytics 3 goals and events.  
  • Document the triggers that send the data into the systems. 
  • Create Mapping techniques for Google Analytics 3 and how it will converge into Google Analytics 4.  
  • Examine HTML and CSS structures to find out what can be used for button click triggers.  
  • Create custom parameters, triggers, and events. Create custom definitions for user-defined variables, and set conversion events. 

Mia Umanos

Mia Umanos is a data whisperer and a skilled listener. She thrives in unifying teams towards a common goal, with expertise in end-to-end analytics solutions for digital marketing, product, and digital media buying. From analytics software implementation to social media analytics, eCommerce, and journey modeling, she excels in leveraging data to solve problems and drive success. In addition to her technical skills, Mia has a reputation for being a fun, energetic, and collaborative leader.