On-Demand Presentation

From Handoff to ‘Orchestrated Team’ the Partnership between Sales and Marketing

Key Highlights

  • You have to align on goals and outcomes, communicate often, measure regularly and celebrate together. 
  • When the sales team is aware of marketing campaigns, they feel more empowered as an organization.  
  • Using shared metrics and dashboards creates a common language of what is important to both teams and creates a place where you can make some course corrections.  
  • A joint console can allow and foster a positive working relationship with both teams because it provides the same experience and understanding for both marketing and sales.  

John Eitel

John Eitel is a technology-savvy, customer-focused executive with more than two decades of progressive sales, marketing, and operations leadership in intensely competitive enterprise technology markets. He has held senior leadership roles and has been pivotal in the growth trajectory at Rackspace, Spiceworks, WP Engine, and Canva.


Tracy Kraft

Tracy has spent the majority of her career leading revenue-generating B2B marketing teams for global high-growth technology companies. Prior to joining Demandbase, she led the ABM and Partner Marketing team at New Relic and previously was the Head of Marketing for Marqeta, establishing their thought leadership and building their lead-to-revenue engine. She has also spent time with leading companies like Salesforce/Heroku and AppDynamics. Tracy is passionate about Marketing and truly believes in the impact Revenue teams can have on a company’s growth trajectory.