On-Demand Presentation

Driving Conversions Through Ungated, Self-Service Demos

Key Highlights

  • Buyers are starting to make evidence-based decisions rather than trust-based decisions and they want to see your product before making a decision. 
  • We know that buyers today want a personal buying experience and a great way to start them off with a personal experience is letting them choose how they engage with your product. 
  • Ungated self-service demos allow your buyer to qualify themselves without you having to lose resources.  
  • Not all of your content needs to be ungated. Your customer is more likely to fill out a form when they have already started the self-education process. 

Alex Weitzel

Alex is the Marketing Manager at Omedym, a digitized buying experience that indexing every word in your videos, demos, and PDF content. This digital buying experience increases buyer engagement by drawing your prospects in as they search and explore the topics that matter the most to them. Sales see the prospect’s complete digital footprint giving them the insights they need to target the selling motion. Omedym, my demo spelled backward, flips the script on the buying process by digitizing the buying experience.