On-Demand Presentation

Demand Gen Strategy to Engage With Your ICP

Key Highlights

  • If you are cocreating content with your partners and customers, you are already getting faster results than creating content all by yourself.  
  • If the benefit you are driving is not attainable, it isn’t desirable. Focus on the new customers. Their messaging is fresh and focused on pain point resolution.  
  • Audiences at an event are all buyers, move beyond making the pitch; you need to make it personal.  
  • Focus on people with urgency, and there is a timing; they are showing activity in consideration mode. 
  • Signs that a company is growing and in need of your services include if they are sponsoring events or are they hiring. Don’t look at if they have money but look at if they have a need.

Sourahb Kothari

For over 20 years, Sourabh Kothari has been building high performing teams and award-winning products for the world’s largest brands, including marketing programs at Cisco that were nominated for two Emmy awards. Sourabh is the Chief Marketing Strategist at DemandGen Studio, where his team provides growth marketing services for small and midsize B2B companies. His venture, Mindcurrent, uses data science and performance psychology to help support employee wellness via Slack. Over the pandemic, Sourabh trained over 3,000 event professionals via PCMA’s Digital Event Strategist certification course. Before DemandGen Studio and Mindcurrent, Sourabh worked at two B2B SaaS startups, one of which is now a unicorn, and the other recently went public on the New York Stock Exchange.