On-Demand Presentation

B2B- Gain Your Customers Trust in 7 Seconds

Key Highlights

  • A B2B decision will be made based on trusting one of the sellers to be on their side. 
  • You need to believe in the value of your product. In a cold or follow-up call, the product is the discovery meeting, an opportunity to find out if there is a reason to move forward. 
  • If you are the seller, you are the expert, put forward to somebody what you are an expert on even if they never move forward with you or your company. You are selling your belief in the value that meeting will have for them.  
  • You have seven seconds to gain trust in a cold call, to gain that trust so quickly you must “Show the other person that we see the world through their eyes.”  
  • You must have a script that will be natural and supported by an underlying belief that allows you to be sincere. 

Chris Beall

Chris is CEO of ConnectAndSell, Inc., based in Silicon Valley, and hosts a podcast at MarketDominanceGuys.com. For the past 30 years, Chris Beall has participated in software start-ups as a founder or at a very early stage of development. His belief is that the most powerful part of any software system is the human being that we inappropriately call a “user,” and that the value key in software is to let the computer do what it does well — go fast without getting bored — in order to free up human potential. Toward that end, Chris has been involved with Requisite Technology, GXS, Epiance, Qlip Media, Aptara, Cadis, Sun Microsystems, and Unisyn.