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The 15 Biggest ABM Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Key Highlights

  • Define what ABM means to you and how it aligns with you. 
  • Before you start, create a dashboard, understand what success looks like and what you are defining as your success metrics. Write them down and make sure you’re able to measure them. 
  • Use a host of data inputs to inform you whether the accounts chosen are the right for your program; otherwise, you may end up severely damaging the program's success by starting with the wrong accounts. 
  • A company might use its existing value proposition or apply one value proposition to all verticals, all marketing, etc. This is something that we urge people not to do. You need to be more specific and relevant to the account you’re looking to target. 
  • ABM is a team sport; you need to build that team from the beginning to win together. You have to have excellent communication because that is what makes ABM different. 

Declan Mulkeen

Declan Mulkeen is the CMO of strategicabm, named a top 15 fastest growing ABM agency in 2021. Additionally, Declan is the host of the ‘Let’s talk ABM’ podcast, the #1 podcast for B2B marketing and sales professionals to learn about ABM. Prior to his current positions, Declan worked for over 20 years as the CMO of Professional Services and Edtec companies.