Signals Intent Scoring

Signals Intent Scoring leverages the power of predictive AI to identify what accounts are most likely to convert into Opportunities. By using your CRM's historical data, trends, and tracking visitor behaviors, we can help you know what companies are ready to purchase. 
Identify your buys intent using predictive AI

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Customized Predictive Scoring to Fit your Needs

Define your Criteria

Use Predictive AI to get recommendations on Accounts that are the most valuable to pursue
Track Behaviors
See what behaviors have caused an increase or decrease in an accounts intent score
Segment by Score
Segment using intent score to have specific messaging or look up contacts
Email Updates
Receive or send email updates on accounts that have had a change in their intent score
Configure your Signals Intent Score

Configure your Signals Intent Score

Help us get an idea of the factors you care about
  • Select the opportunity types that associate with new business in your CRM.
  • Rank your buying committee to identify which contacts are more valuable when purchasing your product,software, or service.
  • Identify the importance of factors like page views, number of conversations, segment matching, and more.
Configure your Signals Intent Score
See Intent Score Insights

Intent Score Insights

Signals' account dashboard gives you a real-time snapshot of what accounts are doing on your site and how they are scoring.

  • Get insights on top positive or negative contributors for an account's scoring.
  • Filter and sort by scores to create a daily action plan on who to reach out to.
  • Review a company's account activity with firmographic data and account activity over the last 30 days.
Segment by Intent Score

Segment by Intent Score

Use segments to create unique experiences for accounts that match a specific intent score.
  • Have chatbots fire with messaging that will target higher intent scores. Provide exclusive offers or personalization.
  • Use Signals' Contact Discovery to find contacts at a company that fits within your targeted buying committee.
  • Notify agents with real-time alerts when a company with a high intent score visits your site.
Segment by Intent Score
Get Email updates on changes to account's intent score

Email Updates

Receive a daily, weekly, or monthly score summary to notify you or your team when a company's score changes.
  • Send emails to Signals and Non-Signals users.
  • Be the first to know about changes to an intent score.
  • Customize how much a company's score needs to change in order to show up in your email.

See Signals AI Intent Scoring in Action