Grow sales pipeline with data enrichment

Signals is helping insurance companies grow their sales pipeline using data enrichment and contact discovery to create targeted, qualified email lists for your teams. With Signals, you can gain insights into what companies are coming to your website while automatically growing your prospects.

Grow sales pipeline with data enrichment

What’s an insurance data enrichment platform?

Data enrichment helps insurance agencies and brokers know what companies are coming to your website and identify if they are a company that (1) You want to sell to and (2) That they are ready to buy. This helps you to find qualified contacts to sell to based on visitors’ intent and behavior.

With Signals, you can build a high-quality contact list from your website using AI, Turning anonymous visitors into contacts for your agents and saving time by automating your prospecting.

Benefits of a Contact Discovery Platform

With Signals, you can integrate quality contact lists into your existing sales process. This means you can automate your inbound process, better identify what companies are ready to buy, and engage with them faster to beat your competitors. You can also:

Campaign Enrollment

Automatically send new contacts to your marketing automation tools, like Sendinblue, or send emails directly from Signals.

CRM Automation

Integrate your CRM with Signals. Track accounts you are currently working on and add potential accounts into existing workflows.

Data Enrichment

Ask for less information, but get more with Signals' data enrichment.

Account Activity

Gain insights on where visitors are in their buying journey with detailed account activity.

Live Chat

Combine automation with human interaction. Connect sales to their current opportunities, or route them to inbound leads.

User Alerts

Receive alerts for when you are routed to conversations, if your calendar has dropped, or if target accounts are on your site.

Why is Signals Important for Insurance Companies?

Insurance companies use solutions like Signals to upsell current customers, find potential customers, and ultimately grow their sales pipeline. With Signals, identifying accounts coming to your site and knowing who is ready to buy can be easy.

With the right platform, your agents can better engage through the buyer’s journey, identify their interests, and provide targeted messaging to close deals.

Stay on top of what Companies are coming to your site

It can be challenging to track what companies are on your site and who is ready to buy. Remove the guessing, and use the Signals account Dashboard, to see the real-time activity of who is on your site and what pages they visit.

Agents can even receive real-time alerts to know when their target accounts are visiting and can use that information to call, email, or chat with the visitor at the right time.

Stay on top of what companies are coming to your site
Prioritize your visitor's needs

Prioritize your visitors’ needs

Creating a user experience specific to your buyers leads to a faster sales cycle. With Signals, you can prioritize what accounts to contact based on intent, industry background, location, and more.

Then use Signals chatbot or email automation to respond to the customer in record time. You can also make sure the correct accounts get to the right place. Reps will be able to track their accounts and follow the accounts in their region.

Streamline your tech stack

Saving money is on the mind of many industries, and signals help save you money by consolidating your tech stack. You can use Signals for chatbots (live chat), Data enrichment, Email Automation, calendar management, and more.

Signals also helps boost productivity, as we can blend seamlessly with your current strategies with our powerful integrations. Automatically send account and contact information back to your CRM. Align your current marketing strategies with Google ads. Send email lists to your marketing automation systems. All of this in turn helps agents to stay in the loop and keep track of potential customers.

Streamline your tech stack
Prioritize your Visitors' needs

Grow your sales pipeline

Don’t wait for visitors to fill out a form to start converting them into pipeline. Signals can help your teams automate prospecting by recognizing what companies are ready to buy and then looking up contacts at that company who are key decision-makers when purchasing insurance.

Then you can send these new contacts emails directly from Signals or use our powerful integrations to send email lists back to your marketing automation platforms.

Advantages of Signals for Insurance

Choosing the best data enrichment platform helps your reps get the most accurate and up-to-date information on companies they are working with or want to sell to.

A good data enrichment platform will help your agents:

  • Build sales pipeline with accounts who are ready to buy.
  • Create segments that match your ideal customer profile.
  • Get firmographic data (location, industry, annual revenue…) without needing to spend time researching the companies.
  • Gain insights into the visitors’ behaviors and know their interests.
  • Integrate with tools that your agents are already using.
  • Automate discovery of contact lists for your sales and marketing teams to reach out to.
  • Offers a large number of accounts and contact lookups at a price that fits your budget.
Advantages of Signals for Insurance

How Signals helped Buckner Insurance company optimize its sales process and customer outreach

“We are an independent broker. The benefit of using Signals has made our website interactive and changed the point of engagement. Instead of just being an information giving site now we have data collection and the ability to stay on top of clients’ needs a whole lot easier.”

Amber Evans | Director of Sales Enablement

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