Overcoming Sales Hurdles with AI: Guidance from Ryan Vaillancourt and Maria Bross


In the competitive landscape of B2B sales, the challenges are numerous. From understanding the buyer's mindset to ensuring effective communication, sales professionals often find themselves navigating a complex maze. At the 2023 AI Revenue Summit, Ryan Vaillancourt and Maria Bross shed light on how the guidance of AI can be a game changer in addressing some of the most pressing challenges in sales.

Key Points

1. The Forgetting Dilemma: 90% of new information is forgotten within a month if not reinforced, making consistent training and reminders crucial.
2. The Power of Realtime AI Guidance: AI can provide live feedback during conversations, ensuring sales professionals stay on track and avoid pitfalls like monologues.
3. Understanding the Buyer's Value: Active listening and understanding what the buyer truly values can make a significant difference in sales outcomes.
4. The Role of Generative AI: AI tools can draft emails, summarize conversations, and provide insights, allowing sales professionals to focus on refining and personalizing communication.
5. The Importance of Reinforcement: AI can serve as a real-time coach, reminding sales professionals of best practices and ensuring they apply their training effectively.

The Challenge of Forgetting: 

Sales training is an ongoing process. However, the human tendency to forget, especially when not reinforced, can lead to missed opportunities and ineffective conversations. Vaillancourt and Bross emphasize the importance of consistent reinforcement to ensure that training translates into action.

Realtime Guidance with AI: 

Imagine having a coach whispering in your ear during a crucial sales conversation. They're guiding you on what to say next or reminding you to ask a critical question. AI offers this possibility, providing real-time feedback and ensuring that sales professionals stay on track.

Listening - The Heart of Sales: 

As highlighted by research from institutions like The Harvard Business Review, active listening is a critical skill for sales success. Vallincourt and Bross reiterate this, emphasizing the importance of understanding the buyer's needs, challenges, and values.

Generative AI - The New Sales Assistant: 

From drafting emails to summarizing conversations, generative AI tools are revolutionizing the sales process. These tools take care of the administrative tasks, allowing sales professionals to focus on personalizing and refining their communication.

Reinforcement -The Key to Consistency: 

Consistency is key in sales. With AI's ability to provide real-time reminders and feedback, sales professionals can ensure that they consistently apply their training, avoid common pitfalls, and deliver value to the buyer.


The insights from Ryan Vaillancourt and Maria Bross offer a glimpse into the future of sales. AI plays a pivotal role in enhancing the sales process. As we navigate the challenges of B2B sales, tools like AI not only streamline the process but also ensure that sales professionals deliver consistent value to buyers. As stated by McKinsey & Company, "The fusion of human intelligence with AI will define the future of sales." For a deeper dive into the transformative power of AI in sales and to understand how tools like Signals can amplify your sales strategies, download our exclusive ebook from the AI Revenue Summit.