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On January 27, 2021, ChatFunnels hosted their first ever RevTech Summit, a chance for sales and marketing professionals to learn about the best tools and tactics to increase revenue from the 30+ industry experts. When released there were three tracks: marketing automation, sales automation, and revenue analytics. During the event, Billy Bateman announced the RevTech Award winners for 2021. The awards identify accomplished individuals in the sales and marketing industry whose innovation revolutionizes the use of technology and anticipates the future of technology.

RevTech Award Categories

These awards were community nominated and decided by vote. To learn more about the winners click on each category.

RevTech Visionaries

RevTech Visionaries are executives with innovative approaches to technology. Additionally they are forging a new path and anticipating the future of the industry.

RevTech Power Users

RevTech Power Users are marketing and sales professionals who innovate the use of technology to improve their processes along the pipeline.

RevTech Data Scientists

RevTech Data Scientists combine science and marketing to extract insights from data. Additionally their interpretations are guiding the future of the industry.

RevTech Stack Architects

RevTech Stack Architects are marketing and sales ops who combine different technologies to accomplish the unexpected. In addition they add value by creating unforeseen integrations.

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Pete Ketchum

Pete Ketchum

Pete served in the Army where he obtained his TSC, learned the Korean Language and participated in advance intelligence collections. He served in state law enforcement for 2 years, half that time he spent working at a state corrections facility where he was often the first called upon to deescalate dangerous and fragile situations. He has management experience in the financial, construction, military, service, and computer software industries.

He studied cognitive behavior, earned his B.A. in Psychology and remains a devout enthusiast on the subject.

He currently works with at Signals as the Chief of Staff.

Pete is most proud of the opportunity he has to be a supportive husband to his wonderful wife and a dedicated father to their 4 children.

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