Is It Time to Integrate Chatbots into Your Website?

There are a million benefits from using chatbots, yet many of you may still be wondering: “Well how do I know when it’s time to integrate chatbots to my website?”

Your concerns might be some of the following:

  • Do we have the resources to train our sales team to use chatbots?
  • Do we have the time to get everyone on board with this new method of marketing and sales?
  • If we have a small sales team, can they handle managing the bots?

Let’s breakdown your doubts!

Chatbots Alleviate Pains

First off, using chatbots is not rocket science. With ChatFunnels, chatbots are very easy to build, deploy, and maintain. And there’s never much training needed because our software is user-friendly.

Sales teams can easily integrate chatbots.

And don’t worry, chatbots aren’t here to replace jobs. They make it easier for sales reps to do their jobs, and do them more efficiently. It’s human nature to be resistant to change, but within no time your sales team will see the value of bots and be willing and ready to implement them. Not only do they do all the qualifying, but they can also book meetings with leads right then and there. It picks up a lot of slack, allowing the sales team to focus on what’s most important–selling!

Companies with even one salesman can see the benefits. Unlike humans, bots are not hard to manage. All you need to do is set up good notifications and routing rules. That way it won’t be overwhelming for the single salesperson. However, you do need enough original web traffic in order for bots to be effective. Because imagine if only one chat a week is getting routed to your salesman. More often than not, they will probably forget about it. 

Chatbots Are Here to Stay

Customers expect you to integrate chatbots.

To answer the question we posed in the beginning–Now is the time to integrate chatbots! Why wait? The industry is constantly advancing towards more innovative ways to market and sell, and you and your business need to be ready. If your website has traffic and you’re looking to increase engagement and create a smoother customer journey, chatbots are the solution. 

Pete Ketchum

Pete Ketchum

Contributor for Signals with a background in public service, tech, business and marketing.

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