The How and Why of Chatbots

The purpose of chatbots is to increase engagement and website conversion rates. They achieve this by improving customer service and optimizing marketing, which leads to increased sales.

Chatbots can book meetings, demos, or free trials, all in real time! They automate lead qualifying and FAQs. You are likely thinking, “Well, customers are still inclined to talk to a real person.” And you’re right, which is why the bot has live chat as an option. Basically, what we’re telling you is that chatbots can do it all!

Why Customers Love Chatbots

Your customers will have a much better experience on your website if you implement chatbots. Let’s be real—nowadays, customers have less than no patience. We live in a day and age where we want everything at our fingertips. We know customers hate waiting to talk to reps over the phone. 57% of customers report abandoning their purchase if they can’t get their questions answered quickly enough. And 71% of customers expect real time communication with companies. Stay up to date with consumer sentiment with the implementation of chatbots.

Overall, customers love chatbots because they can get their questions answered right away. 80% of standard questions can be taken care of by the bot. And there’s no hassle in booking a demo, free trial, or meeting because the bot does that too.

Why You Should Love Chatbots

You should love them because your customers love them!

The fact is, chatbots are a more efficient way to market and sell. They are big time savers for your company. By taking over the job of qualifying leads, they allow your sales teams to focus their efforts on selling to customers who are ready to buy. And leads are 9x more likely to convert when you follow up within five minutes of initial contact, which is easy to do with the live chat feature of bots. 

Chatbots are also money savers. They can reduce customer service costs by 30%! And 57% of businesses say that chatbots deliver large ROI with minimal effort! 

Your close rate can be tripled when booking meetings with leads the same day they come in. And it’s so easy to have the bot give calendar drops and book meetings with, as we’ve mentioned, qualified leads.

How To Do It Well

You can’t just throw a bot up on your website and expect to see improvement magically. Iteration is key! Test and optimize your bot to see the best results. Testing the placement of bots can leads to a 58% increase in meetings booked!

And make sure that your whole team is on board. A key component of chatbots is their live chat feature. Your team needs to be ready and available at all times to have conversations routed to them so that they can meet the customers’ needs.

Chatbots will not only capture users’ attention, but they will send them down your marketing and sales funnels, and get them to convert!


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