Marketing Strategy Development: Uncovering Unique Strategies That Convert

Marketing for Demand Generation

Demand generation is one of the most important aspects of a successful marketing strategy. It’s what helps you identify and attract new customers, and convert them into paying customers. In this blog, we review five unique strategies presented industry leaders at the Demand Gen Summit. You’ll learn how to create powerful email campaigns, use webinars to engage potential customers, and much more!

Reach more people through guesting on podcasts

Mark Colgan of Speak on Podcasts shared about how you can share your product with thousands of new viewers by being a guest on podcasts. His presentation touches on podcasting strategies to expand your total addressable market, and how to find relevant podcasts to speak on.

Connect with your potential clients through unique gifts

 Phil Burch of Sendoso shared about how you can create targeted gifting campaigns for clients in your funnel to create a unique, personal connection to convert your clients into sales. Consumers are tuning out most digital communication because the high volume has turned into noise. He asked “how do we get humanity back into our customers’ journeys in order to build human connection at scale”? He emphasized that buyers are people that buy from brands that understand them.

Find more success with your email campaigns

 Will Allred, the founder of, shared unique email marketing strategies to help convert your cold emails to customers. Allred shared that successful emails are informal and personal, and that ‘dumbing down’ your emails helps boost your reply rates by up to 50%.

Create unique marketing campaigns

Kurt Horn and Shane Rickard of Harmon Brothers shared how you can create unique video and print campaigns tailored to your ICP to spread product awareness and help customers get into your pipeline. They also shared strategies on testing your marketing strategies quantitatively and qualitatively to ensure that you are maximizing your success.

Connect deeply with your audience at Webinars

 Ollie Whitfield of VanillaSoft shared 5 special tactics that all demand gen technicians need to try. He shared the importance of finding “small ways to improve regularly.” Additionally, Whitfield shared how you can find ways to get deeper in your conversations to truly connect with your audience on a human level.

Demand generation is a critical part of any successful marketing strategy. Whether it’s creating powerful email campaigns, using webinars to engage potential customers, sending unique gifts, or finding ways to build human connection at scale, these tactics can help you develop an effective demand generation plan that works for your business. With the right approach, you’ll be able to create more meaningful connections with your audience and drive conversions like never before!

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