5 Webinar Special Tactics All Demand Gen Tacticians Need To Try NOW – with Ollie Whitfield

Ollie Whitfield


Ollie Whitfield is the Demand Gen Team Lead at VanillaSoft, and is an up-and-coming leader in Demand Generation! He is the Co-Host of the 0 to 50 Million Podcast, and interviews CEO's and Revenue Leaders to learn how they grew their businesses. Ollie is a talented professional, with specialties in cold calls, growth marketing, and public speaking!


“I have 5 keys things for you, and I think every demand generation marketer, especially if you are in SaaS, can really benefit from this by helping you improve your process by that 1%-5%...everyone needs to find those small ways to improve regularly”

Key Points

  • Having a lead-sharing partner that can benefit both of you in reaching your audience
  • Break out your webinars into segments
  • On webinars, find ways to get deeper into your conversations
  • There is no harm in having the same guests on your webinars