5 Webinar Special Tactics All Demand Gen Tacticians Need To Try NOW – with Ollie Whitfield

Ollie Whitfield


Ollie Whitfield is not only the Demand Gen Team Lead at VanillaSoft but he is also an emerging force to be reckoned with in the realm of Demand Generation. He has distinguished himself as the Co-Host of the highly-regarded 0 to 50 Million Podcast, where he engages in insightful interviews with CEOs and Revenue Leaders. Their discussion dives deep into strategies and experiences in scaling their businesses from the ground up. Ollie's professional prowess is truly remarkable, underscored by his exceptional skills in executing successful cold calls, orchestrating growth marketing campaigns that drive results, and delivering captivating speeches to captivate audiences across the nation.


“I have 5 keys things for you, and I think every demand generation marketer, especially if you are in SaaS, can really benefit from this. Start by improving your process by just 1-5 percent...everyone needs to find those small ways to improve regularly”

Key Points

  • Having a lead-sharing partner that can benefit both of you in reaching your audience
  • Break out your webinars into segments
  • On webinars, find ways to get deeper into your conversations
  • There is no harm in having the same guests on your webinars