4 Benefits Of Using Chatbots

There are a lot of ways you can use a chatbot for sales & marketing. Below we compiled the top 4 benefits of using chatbots.

1. Qualifying

Chatbots do a great job of painlessly qualifying customers in real-time, then routing them to your team for an immediate conversation or booking a meeting for later. Rather than requiring customers to fill out a form, and then wait for your team to contact them, you’re able to present the same questions you used on a form with a chatbot to route them to your team in real-time!

2. Booking Meetings

Number one above leads right into our number two, BOOK MEETINGS! Using your chatbot to book meetings with your team is one of the easiest places to begin to see real ROI on your investment of a chatbot. Rather than SDRs calling people back who have self-selected and want to talk to you, your team can spend time performing real prospecting and selling. Let the bot give qualified & interested leads a painless and convenient way to engage with your team.

3. Account-Based Marketing Campaigns

Most chatbot platforms allow you to create unique bot flows that are triggered by the traffic source, domain, or firmographic information, etc. These platforms also allow your company to create unique bots for landing pages. Using this functionality for targeted campaigns provides your target customers with a highly personalized experience to connect them to the most qualified sales.

4. Content Recommendation

Chatbots can be programmed to recommend content on your blog. This results in a more enjoyable, helpful experience for customers; positive visitors’ experiences are more likely to generate return visits. Further, chatbots provide a new medium to learn about your website visitors. Asking questions through the bot about visitor roles within their organizations and recommending content based on responses is a great way to see into your web traffic. You can then use that information to engage them with another bot to move them down your funnel.

There you have it! Just a few of the more unique uses of chatbots we’ve found to be effective and different.



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