2020 Wrap-up: Demand Gen Summit

We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting another virtual event on January 27th, 2021! Register now for the RevTech Summit to set yourself up for success in 2021.

Now, let’s recap our previous summit!

On September 16, 2020, we hosted our first-ever Demand Gen Summit.

The focus of this virtual summit was driving, engaging, and closing demand.

There were 1,311 registrants and 6+ hours of content. 25 of the top marketers, demand gen leaders, and sales managers shared their secrets to finding success in this ever advancing industry.

Here are just a few of the speakers we heard from:

Demand Gen Award Winners

Leading up to the summit, 59 of the top leaders were community-nominated and over 6,300 votes were cast for the Demand Gen Awards. Billy Bateman, Co-founder and VP of Operations, then announced the winners on the day of the summit.

1. The Top 3 Thought Leaders: Mario Martinez, Cynthia Barnes, and Matt Heinz.

2. The Top 3 Demand Gen and Sales Leaders: Rick Tolman, Zack Thompson, and Chris McNeill.

3. The Top 3 Marketing Ops: Amanda Stevens, Francisco Garcia, and Jennifer Kordash.

4. The Top 5 Sales Development Reps: Connor Goudreau, Frank Cerna, Braxton Alldridge, Joshua Parnes, and Derek Grant.

ChatFunnels Experiment

At the summit, Billy Bateman announced and previewed the newest feature in our product, the ChatFunnels Experiment. It is our very own testing platform. You can run A/B split tests and multivariate tests on all your bots.

You can test anything, including question order, button options, and CTAs. The purpose of testing is to see what works best in sending prospects down your funnel and increasing conversion rates.

For a more in-depth explanation of the testing platform, check out this article or Mark Bryson’s presentation from the Demand Gen Summit.

To check out ChatFunnels Experiment, book a demo with us today or start a free trial.

Opening Keynote

The keynote speaker of the summit was Henry Schuck, Founder and CEO of Zoominfo.

Henry founded Zoominfo in his dorm room and it has continued to flourish ever since. It is a company that provides access to business-related information—such as work email addresses and job titles of employees—to marketing and sales teams.

His story is the perfect example of bootstrapping! Despite the challenges of growing a business from the ground up, Henry was able to find success through discipline and hard work.

Henry Schuck’s Strategy

At the summit Henry shared some great insights into starting a business.

When coming into a market that has major competitors, Henry mentions that you need to find your niche.

What he did was focus on giving companies direct-dial phone numbers and other major insights. That’s what sets his company apart.

Zoominfo stays ahead of the curve to keep their database aligned with compliance and relevance.

Another great point that Dave and Henry discuss is that sometimes, marketing that seems to cost you nothing actually costs you your brand. For example, spray and pray. Sound familiar?

You need to be intentional with your marketing strategy. Henry explains that “the whole idea of reaching out to the right person with the right message at the right time, really comes down to your ability to pull together your first party data with third party insights, and then be really specific about your outbound messaging.” 

You also need to consider automating many parts of the sales cycle. Of course, here at ChatFunnels we are all about automation to drive conversion. That’s what our chatbots are all about. 

And think about this, there are people/companies that want what you are selling, but they don’t know you. How do you bridge that gap? How can they become aware of your product?

Dave and Henry agree that it all starts with a list. And once you combine that with platforms like Zoominfo, then you’re golden! 

25 Secrets For Driving, Engaging, and Closing Demand

Summaries of each of the speakers’ presentations have been compiled into a comprehensive e-book titled “25 Secrets For Driving, Engaging, and Closing Demand.”

Download the E-Book now to learn bonus tips from each speaker and more insights into optimizing your company’s sales funnel.

Pete Ketchum

Pete Ketchum

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