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Unlocking Insights with AI: The AI Multiplier Method

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Key Highlights

  • The risk of utilizing AI is that there’s the potential of losing jobs. The opportunities of utilizing AI meant the top 5% of companies will get better by multipliers and the top 30% will get better by at least 25%.  
  • There’s a massive amount of opportunity that anyone can utilize for free. 
  • Five different tools to have in your tool belt are understanding context, framework, level, size, and structure.  

Ryan Staley

Ryan is the founder and current CEO of Whaleboss. He also aided in the founding of Sales Hacker Inc. and RevGenius. His expertise in sales, marketing, generative AI, business development, and many other skills has helped him reach career highs. He was awarded the Presidents Cup for 7 consecutive years and was most recently awarded the Chairmen's Cup in 2020 for the #1 performing business unit for annual organic growth.