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Unlocking GTM Productivity with AI

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Key Highlights

  • 51% of sales organizations will implement AI into their sales process within the next year.  
  • For GTM teams, the perceived benefits of AI, when integrated into sales leadership, are automating seller activity, guiding winning behaviors, informing GTM teams of prioritized strategies, and improving customer experience.  
  • The three key considerations to think about when incorporating AI into a sales team; 
    • A generative AI system fed with high-quality data generates high-quality insights. 
    • Consider a domain-specific solution trained specifically in sales conversations. 
    • Watch for solutions that keep your PII private and compliant without exposing yourself.

Udi Ledergor

Udi Ledergor is a five-time Marketing leader at B2B start-ups and currently the Chief Evangelist at Gong. As Chief Evangelist, Udi oversees Gong’s market leadership through new product launches and thought leadership. On his journey from Marketer #1 to Gong’s Chief Marketing Officer, he led the creation of the revenue intelligence category, pioneered an iconic, human-centric brand, and led Gong's Marketing efforts from zero to hundreds of millions in revenue. Passionate about startups and brands during the day, whisky, music, and social activism at night, Udi is also an author, speaker, mentor, angel investor, board director, and advisor based in San Francisco.

Dan Morgese

Dan Morgese heads up research and content strategy at Gong, the Revenue Intelligence leader. Before joining Gong, Dan designed and managed research offerings at SiriusDecisions, helping organizations operationalize and align their go-to-market functions. At Forrester Research he worked with hundreds of B2B organizations to measure and improve their sales team's productivity. Dan brings to Gong a passion for storytelling through data and insights. He holds an MBA from Binghamton University with concentrations in market research and data-driven marketing.