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The Value of CX Insights for Go-to-Market Strategies

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Key Highlights

  • Generative AI is applicable to customer experience retention, revenue growth, cost optimization, business continuity, etc.  
  • AI Driven CX for expansion and retention needs to involve collecting data across systems, predicting insights from contextual data, and acting on those insights. 
  • There is more to AI than GPT. There’s prediction, LLM, behavior detection, deep learning, clustering, NLP, sentiment, etc. 
  • The goal is to bring data, summarize it, contextualize it, summarize that, then make it actionable downstream. 

Somya Kapoor

Somya Kapoor, CEO & Founder at TheLoops - Somya is the CEO and Co-Founder of TheLoops, an all- in-one AI platform for CX operations. How does it work? TheLoops takes data from Support ticket interactions and turns them into real-time, predictive customer and product insights for post-sales teams within their systems of record. Based out of the Bay Area, Somya is an experienced entrepreneur with expertise on end-to-end Enterprise Software. Her entire career has revolved around building products within the machine learning and predictive analytics space and delivering them to market, previously at SAP and Servicenow. She is a recurring author for several publications and a speaker at numerous Enterprise Software conferences. Somya is also a passionate advocate for women in technology particularly in the B2B space. Investors of TheLoops include Dell Ventures, Westwave Capital and Tidal.