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The Unspoken Truths of AI in Sales Transformation

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Key Highlights

  • AI is not a FAD, it is a reality that we use every day through phone calls, emails, follow-ups. If you are not using ChatGPT for questions in your business, you are not doing your job.
  • There is a fear about what it is going to replace... AI can only replace part of a job, specifically pertaining to busy work.
  • AI is not at the point of making decisions FOR us, but it speeds up the decision-making process.
  • When customer training is absent, it serves as an indicator of successful AI implementation.  

Nishit Asnani

Nishit Asnani, Co-Founder at Sybill - Nishit is a co-founder and leads marketing at Sybill, a trailblazing generative AI company empowering sellers with human-like automation for call summaries, follow-ups, and CRM note-taking. Nishit is driving efforts towards zero to one growth at Sybill, while building a brand and a new category from the ground up. With a background in AI research from Stanford, where he published cutting-edge papers in top-tier journals on AI for healthcare and natural language processing, Nishit brings a wealth of expertise in AI and its real-world applications to his role.

Ben Sternsmith

Ben Sternsmith, Chief Revenue Officer at Sybill - Ben brings over two decades of experience building Revenue teams at high growth SaaS & Technology companies. He recently led Global Revenue at Tonkean, a series B startup focusing on Enterprise Automation. Prior to Tonkean, Ben led Sales at Lyft Business. He built the Lyft sales team from the ground up, growing enterprise value 5x in 4+ years and leading to a $25B IPO in 2019. Prior to Lyft, Ben spent fifteen years leading teams at Salesforce (6 yrs), Oracle (5yrs), and other tech startups.