On-Demand Presentation

Turning Your Website Into a Pipeline Powerhouse

Key Takeaways

  • Trendemon automatically moves target audiences through digital assets towards business goals, and they generate a 5-18X uplift in conversion rates.
  • Avishai shares the strategic differences in quantifying a webpage’s quality in B2C versus B2B uses.
  • The average B2B buyer journey from first visit to conversion in 2022 was 19 days and 11 pageviews.
  • A Sales Qualified Company has had 10-19 unique visitors per company.
  • There are specific plays you can do to help successfully craft a customer experience to convert your pipeline.

Avishai Sharon

Avishai Sharon is the Founder and CEO of TrenDemon, a goal-based journey orchestration platform. He founded TrenDemon with a goal of proving how marketing efforts impact business goals and help map your customer journeys from initial touch to won deals. This unique goal led TrenDemon to having a proven success rate of improving conversion rates to sales leads by 5-18X! Avishai is a genius when it comes to customer journey orchestration, and has been able to prove time and time again the value and necessity of content personalization.