On-Demand Presentation

How To Do More With Less By Automating Demand Gen Work

Key Takeaways

  • Automating your non-value manual workflow tasks helps you achieve much more success while decreasing your actual time-spend.
  • The approach for paid ads has been very stagnant for the last decade – it does not have to remain a large, time-consuming task. Achieving large paid ad campaigns can be extremely easy and efficient.
  • Metadata allows you to see exactly how much time (and money) you have saved by automating your tasks.
  • Paid ads are a strong tool to connect with targeted accounts, and then support them on their journey through the pipeline.

Danny Read

Danny is the Director of Sales at Metadata, a marketer's best friend when creating personalized web experiences and an amazing tool for automating and optimizing everything revenue. Before his time with Metadata, Danny worked with G2 to help create a customer-centric approach and transformed their outbound sales playbook. Additionally, Danny gives back as a Mentor with Bravado, and is helping champion the next generation of sales leaders.