On-Demand Presentation

Expanding Tech Use into Organizational Solutions

Key Takeaways

  • UserGems helps track champion job changes and triggers a chain of outreach strategies to get ahead of the potential churn.
  • When your company's previous champion secures a new job, UserGems will help you build a strategy for securing an account with your champion’s new company.
  • ABM programs are very useful in sustaining the sales and marketing relationship.

Isaac Ware | Braxton C | Justine Wares

Isaac, Braxton, and Justine comprise a leadership powerhouse from UserGems, which delivers qualified pipeline leads and helps sales and marketing teams achieve their aggressive revenue targets with less stress and more qualified pipelines. Isaac is the Director of Demand Gen and has helped lead their team and clients to continued growth through our current economy. Braxton is the Director of Revenue Enablement at UserGems and previously worked with Canto and Adobe. Justine is the Senior Customer Success Manager at UserGems and previously worked with Indeed and Yelp. The three of them will share insights on how you can cohesively align all teams within your organization to create a seamless pipeline experience and find more success in creating revenue!