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Conquering Indecision: Using Value Selling to Win Over the C-Suite

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Tishgart's presentation delves into the challenges B2B sales and marketing leaders face, such as deals getting stuck or lost to no decision, primarily due to the difficulty in engaging with the C-suite and demonstrating clear value. Emphasizing the need for a shift from traditional sales tactics to value selling, where the focus is on aligning solutions with strategic business goals and providing quantifiable value. The discussion covers the necessity of understanding and speaking the language of the C-suite, leveraging technology to scale value selling across organizations, and the importance of building effective business cases to support the buying process.
Various value tools, such as maturity assessments, lead generation, website integration, and proposal generation, can guide buyers through a constantly evolving self-guided journey. In addition to having the right tools, Tishgart recommends that the best approach in value selling is to empower every seller to act as a consultant and leverage technology to scale their reach.
To perform a value assessment you can use spreadsheets, but it is important to recognize their limitations, such as manual processes, lack of credibility, and governance issues. Technology can be a possible solution to overcome these challenges and provide context and storytelling.
Personalization and customization, especially in value propositions, are critical for success in today's competitive landscape. Conversation intelligence tools can be leveraged to understand customer needs explicitly.

About the speaker:

Lindsey Tishgart shares insights into how to conquer indecision, using value selling to win over the c-suite

Lindsey Tishgart



Lindsey is the CMO at MediaFly. She is also a senior marketing leader who enjoys helping companies establish and strengthen their brands. Lindsey has built her career being strategic, resourceful, and creative, supporting a wide range of companies, from startups to Fortune 500, including Microsoft, AMD, Symantec, Travelocity, Austin City Limits, BMC Software, etc.

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