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Unlocking Data-Driven Growth- It’s as Easy as 1,2,3

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Learn about key strategies for leveraging data-driven growth. Mark emphasizes the importance of building a data-centric culture, optimizing organizational structures for better data accessibility, and the transformative impact of automation and efficiency. Mark highlights predictive analytics and forecasting as essential tools for strategic decision-making and operational excellence. Drawing from Domo's experience, he showcases practical examples of how these approaches can significantly enhance productivity and competitiveness.

About the speaker:

Mark Maugh Shares insights into how to unlock data driven growth

Mark Maughan



Mark serves as the Chief Analytics Officer and SVP of Customer Success at Domo, having over eight years of tenure and a diverse portfolio of executive leadership. Mark is a dynamic, data-driven leader who operates at the highest level of excellence. Constantly elevating others around him, Mark is continually pushing Domo to the next level. Before joining Domo in 2015, Mark was the vice president of lien resolution at Garretson Resolution Group (acquired by Epiq in 2019). He attended the University of Utah and received a B.A. in public relations. In his free time, Mark loves skiing, mountain biking, and leading new projects supporting Domo’s growth.

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