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Unifying Sales and Marketing in B2B Companies

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Anne and Jenna, a sales and marketing duo, share the intricacies of unifying sales and marketing strategies. Within B2B companies, there is a need for collaboration, shared goals, and transparency. Teams need to break down silos to ensure a cohesive approach. With this cohesion, companies can better address customer needs from both a sales and marketing perspective and drive revenue growth to enhance performance. Anne and Jenna's insights show the ever-changing nature of B2B sales and marketing, advocating for a unified strategy that leverages the strengths of all teams.


About the Speakers:

unifying sales and marketing

Anne Murlowski

VP of Marketing


Anne is the VP of Digital and Performance Marketing at Terminus. She is experienced in creating innovative marketing campaigns utilizing social media, email marketing, and blogger outreach. She is also well-versed in Facebook Ads Manager, Pardot, Marketo, Salesforce, Account-Based Marketing, WordPress, Influencer Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing.

unifying sales and marketing

Jenna Chambers

VP of Sales


Jenna is the VP of Working with a range of Partnerships and Sales at Terminus. She works with a range of clients to oversee end-to-end campaigns, from the ever-growing MarTech ecosystem to deep market and account research, through translating that knowledge into cutting-edge creative, messaging, and activation.

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