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Revenue Performance Assessment: Split the Funnel Analysis

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To develop effective data strategies, Bowen recommends performing a revenue performance assessment. This involves sorting opportunities by pipeline source and differentiating high and low intent scores. By analyzing historical data, businesses can shape their future strategies.
To maximize your impact, focus on high-intent leads. These individuals have shown a strong interest in engaging in sales conversations on your website, making them more likely to convert into revenue-generating opportunities. Identifying and targeting these visitors is an effective strategy for boosting sales performance.
Collaboration between sales and marketing teams will help leverage the insights gained from analysis. The data can initiate conversations with the sales team, fostering alignment on lead qualification and strategies to attract high-intent leads.
Take a Stop-Start-Continue Approach. After analyzing the data, discontinue ineffective programs, start new initiatives aligned with high-intent strategies, and continue optimizing what is already working. Reallocate budgets based on performance.

About the speaker:

Megan Bowen gives insights into Revenue Performance Assessment

Megan Bowen



Megan is the CEO of Refine Labs, A B2B Digital Marketing & Demand Generation Agency. She creates the conditions for people, customers, and companies to be successful. Refine Labs combines a modern demand strategy, measurement framework, paid media, and creative execution to drive more web conversions, a more qualified pipeline, and closed-won revenue.

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