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Barnett's presentation on Recruitment Marketing & AI aims to understand a company's identity, values, and uniqueness in attracting the right talent and customers. This presentation outlines a recruitment marketing strategy that parallels the customer sales funnel. Recruitment marketing emphasizes the importance of brand awareness, engagement, and the strategic use of technology to achieve revenue goals. Barnett highlights applying inbound marketing principles to recruitment and creating valuable content and experiences to attract candidates. Barnett also highlights the need for a stronger employer brand significantly increases candidate attraction. This comprehensive approach offers valuable insights for Sales and Marketing Leaders at B2B companies, focusing on the synergy between recruitment, technology, and marketing strategies to drive overall business growth.

About the Speakers:

Recruitment Marketing & AI

Heidi Barnett



Heidi is the CEO at ApplicantPro, a scrappy HR tech startup that's now serving over 10,000 clients across the nation. ApplicantPro has snagged a spot in Utah's Top Workplaces three years in a row. It's all about our culture of coaching, connection, and inclusivity! This is one of the things Heidi is the proudest of the team they have built and the work they do for their customers.

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