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No One Wins Alone

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Industry leaders McKay Allen, Jake Reni, and Steve Eror bring to light the evolving dynamics between sales, marketing, and product teams within large organizations in their session, No One Wins Alone. The conversation uncovers the often siloed nature of these departments and the detrimental impact this separation can have on achieving unified business goals, particularly revenue growth. The panelists explore the root causes of interdepartmental friction and highlight the critical need to shift towards a more collaborative, transparent, and data-informed culture. Key themes include the importance of responsible leadership at the C-suite level, assuming accountability to build team trust and the strategic advantage of focusing efforts on core objectives rather than spreading resources too thin. The discussion offers actionable insights for breaking down silos, fostering mutual respect and understanding across functions, and aligning all departments toward common goals for the greater success of the organization.

About the speakers:

No One Wins Alone

Steve Eror

Head of Sales


Steve has been the head of sales at Signals for over a year. Using a blend of automation and human interaction, he aids Signals in helping companies intelligently grow pipelines and close revenue. As a Mid-Market Business Development team member, Steve focuses on helping businesses understand the power of Sales Acceleration. His background in financial strategy has been invaluable in this role, as he uses his expertise to guide clients toward utilizing InsideSales.com's platform to improve their sales performance. When he's not working to accelerate sales, he enjoys spending time with his family. He coaches his son's football and lacrosse teams and recently started fencing with his daughter. He loves to ski together with his family.


McKay Allen



McKay Allen is a Go-to-Market and marketing executive with experience in marketplace technologies, SaaS, hardware, and enterprise software. He has also been part of multiple exits at various companies, including Kenect, where he currently serves as CMO. McKay also sits on the executive board of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Before his career in technology marketing, McKay was a TV news anchor and journalist.  McKay lives near Salt Lake City with his wife and two sons and watches them compete in football and lacrosse.


Jake Reni



Jake Reni is a highly accomplished go-to-market and sales leadership expert with over 15 years of experience in high-tech and SaaS sales. He is known for his impactful roles, from building the Adobe Sales Academy to co-founding Revenue Reimagined, a Fractional CRO consultancy. Jake blends expertise and strategic insight with practical wisdom, championing principled leadership and predictable growth for his clients.

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