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Maximizing Profitability in a Multi-Channel World

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Today's businesses must navigate a fast-evolving landscape, aiming to connect with a wide range of customers through different channels. This discussion will cover practical strategies for boosting profits in today's business models and how companies can organize their teams effectively across these channels and improve efficiency using real-time AI and data analytics, even when economic conditions are challenging.

Efficiency is a crucial part of a broader organizational framework, requiring more than short-term fixes. It involves making structural changes, such as forming teams with members who have diverse skills and can take on multiple roles. This flexibility is crucial in a fast-paced market.

Adapting to and leveraging AI is essential despite the challenges and varying attitudes toward its adoption within companies. Overcoming these obstacles can significantly enhance efficiency and profitability.

About the speaker:

Maximizing profitability in a multi channel word: leveraging real time Ai data

Brandee Sanders



Brandee Sanders is an Award-Winning CMO/CRO with a proven track record of building GTM and high-velocity programming for growth-focused startups. Driving hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, priming exits, multiple acquisitions, and wins, including a successful IPO on Nasdaq (BL). She’s accelerated transformative change with companies like Sony Music, Etsy, Goodwill, and more while steering multiple organizations into success, partnering with investors and groups like Y Combinator, Zoom, Tiger Global, Softbank, Menlo, Scale Ventures, Nexus, Thiel Capital, and more.

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