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Humanizing Your Pipeline

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Katie explains how businesses can differentiate themselves by customizing their approach to meet their client's unique needs and preferences. This helps to establish stronger relationships and increase engagement. She provides insights into how technology and creativity can be leveraged to enhance customer experiences while focusing on the human elements crucial to successful sales and marketing efforts. Using examples and case studies, the presentation demonstrates the effectiveness of thoughtful engagement and personalized communication in achieving significant return on investment (ROI) and building long-term customer loyalty.

About the speaker:

humanizing your pipeline

Katie Penner

Head of Sender Relations


Katie Penner is the Head of Sender Relations at Sendoso, where she has distinguished herself through her innovative approach to social content, direct marketing programs, influencer marketing programs, and serving as Sendoso's chief evangelist. Her journey at Sendoso, spanning over three years, features experience in both sales and marketing. Katie's passion for empowering businesses to leverage direct mail to transcend the transactional has been a cornerstone of her success.

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