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Generative AI, and How it Can Amplify Human-Centric Selling

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When it comes to AI in sales, the future is now! There's been significant interest in using generative AI in sales - mainly around ChatGPT... but is there more that can be done? In this session, Andre will discuss how innovative revenue leaders use generative AI to make their go-to-market teams more scalable and effective. He will explore what's ahead in sales and marketing.

About the speaker:

generative AI

Andre Yee

Founder & CEO


Andre is the Founder and CEO of Tiga.ai . He has over 15 years of experience in building world class sales and marketing technology platforms. He is formerly the founder-CEO of Triblio (a Foundry company) and the SVP Product Development for Eloqua leading both high growth companies to successful M&A exits. He has extensive experience in applying AI to sales and marketing.

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