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The Future of SDRs and Marketing in Saas

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William & Billy dive into the dynamic tech sales and marketing sphere, underscoring the necessity for technological integration to improve customer engagement. They highlight a strategic pivot towards more interactive product demos and the creative use of storytelling in marketing to captivate audiences. Additionally, William & Billy point out the growing preference for consolidating tools to streamline operations and enhance efficiency, suggesting a move towards versatile, multi-functional solutions in the tech stack to simplify processes and foster better user experiences.

About the speaker:

The future of SDRs and Marketing in SaaS

Tim Harsch



William is the CRO at Intelligence Bank. He creates winning teams that drive exponential growth, strategic account expansion, and high-impact brand experiences. As a full-stack B2B marketer, He is passionate about growing enterprise pipeline and revenue with AI, ABM, content marketing, original research, analyst relations, category design, intent data, and product marketing. He's a frequent speaker at industry conferences, and my thought leadership has appeared in Ad Age, Forbes, Entrepreneur, the Salesforce Blog & elsewhere.

Billy Bateman Shares insights into the role sales intelligence has become a game changer in B2B sales

Billy Bateman



Billy Bateman co-founded ChatFunnels, a digital conversation analytics and optimization solutions provider. He has a background in digital marketing, business operations, and entrepreneurship. Billy grew up in Idaho and graduated from Brigham Young University. He has a Master of Business Administration from Boise State University. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys fishing and hunting.

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