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The Future of Go-To-Market

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Vajre shares seven predictions on the future of go-to-market. He emphasizes the shift towards partnership-driven sales, the demand for integrated tools, and the importance of adaptability in sales approaches.
Recent reports have shown that a significant number of companies (82%) are facing a decline in their sales velocity pipeline for consecutive quarters.
One potential solution is to form partnerships, as they can play a crucial role in driving sales, larger deals, and opportunities for companies - surpassing the impact of traditional sales teams. To minimize the initial cost of entry, companies are shifting their approach from pursuing large deals to a "land and expand" strategy. This approach helps deals gain momentum and value over time.
Vajre recommends that companies should increase the diversity of their go-to-market motions and move beyond traditional inbound and outbound strategies. One possible way to achieve this is through community-led engagement, which can help sales and marketing teams meaningfully connect with potential customers.
Given the market challenges, there is a growing demand for integrated tools to increase the value of offerings and seamlessly integrate with existing tech stacks.

About the speaker:

Sangram Vajre provides 7 preditctions for the future of go-to-market

Sangram Vajre



Sangram is the CEO of GTM Partners. He is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author of MOVE. Sangram is also the Co-founder of Terminus and Peak Community. He ran marketing at Pardot who was acquired by ExactTarget and then by Salesforce for $2.7B.

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