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Revolutionizing Revenue: How AI Illuminates Industrial Blind Spots

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Key Highlights

  • A company utilizes digital tickets/receipts for their transactions. Heavy industrials wait a month to get document with list of “ticket” for proof of payment 
  • Clients can now upload pictures of their tickets, giving the driver’s name, date, time, price, load amount, location, etc. All that information is documented and analyzed through AI.  
  • This AI documentation has helped recapture millions of dollars in lost revenue, eliminate 75% of redundant man-hours, and streamline revenue reconciliation to minutes.  
  • What are the steps? Obtain data sets, aggregate the data, analyze, and correlate the data, autonomously read, and extract the data, then recognize the pattern.  

Sarah Tamilarasan

Sarah Tamilarasan, CEO at Sogaog - Sarah is a dynamic and visionary leader with a strong background in Operations within the Energy space. She has worked on several global multi-billion-dollar projects, gaining invaluable experience in driving operational excellence. Her passion for empowering COOs to autonomously analyze and predict their operations leading to decisions that drive additional cash flow led her to be the co-founder of Sotaog, a cutting-edge AI technology company that has been successfully funded by Google for Startups and AWS. She has more than 15 years of energy industry experience with expertise in facilities engineering, sensor technology and field operations. She has been recognized several times including - Top 50 women leaders of Houston, Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs by Women’s network, etc. Tamilarasan received her Bachelor of Science degree in electrical and computer engineering from Calvin College. Sarah is in leadership for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and is frequently engaged as a speaker on leveraging technology to improve corporate return on investment.