On-Demand Presentation

How to Build your Digital Demand Gen Engine

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Key Highlights

  • Demand Gen is the art and science of balancing. It drives revenue by creating sales pipelines, creating predictable/scalable/qualified leads, balancing quality/quantity appropriately, etc.
  • An ICP takes into consideration demographics, firmographics, and interests of your “dream customer”, analyzing and finding ideal customers.  
  • AI Experiment: 
    • We exported the last 2 years of our company’s salesforce data, anonymized that data by replacing names with unique identifiers, and ran data through cluster models using a python script. 
    • We obtained 4 cluster groups based on 3 company variables: profit, frequency of purchases, and number of employees.  
    • We furthered the refining process by defining the ICP based on cluster group and then designed a genetic algorithm, which then generated a list of companies based on that chosen cluster. 
    • The results we received included a list of companies that we were already in business with.  

Lauren McCormack

Lauren McCormack, VP-Demand Gen Leader at Revenue Pulse - Lauren is a 5x Marketo Certified Expert, 2021-present Adobe Marketo Engage Champion, and an award-winning marketing leader that loves to innovate. She specializes in paid search and social strategy, demand generation, marketing automation, sales and marketing alignment, operational change management, and marketing strategy best practices. She currently works as the Vice President of Consulting at Revenue Pulse (RP), a leading martech and revops consulting firm. Her clients have included enterprise logos like Aetna, Adobe, Yahoo, FanDuel, and Liberty Mutual, as well as many Silicon Valley startups. She lives with her partner and two children in Tucson, Arizona.