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How My Bootstrapped Startup Used AI To Sell Bigger & Faster

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Key Highlights

  • There is massive opportunity for every company in every sector to innovate and enhance their organization with higher productivity.
  • No code/low code tools and apps can aid company's progression pertaining to AI, including large language models (like GPT).
  • API management tools: no need to code as much but you'll still need the knowledge. 

Martin Miranda

Martin Miranda, an accomplished entrepreneur, serves as the Founder & CEO of EventStack, a cutting-edge AI-driven platform specializing in event sponsorships and registrations. Additionally, he holds the dual role of CEO and CRO at Spaghett.ai, a prominent AI developer studio and product suite. Martin's entrepreneurial journey extends further as he founded FATFISH, a renowned audio-visual production company in Salt Lake City, subsequently selling it in 2017. His impact on the community extends to his roles as the co-founder of RestartUtah, an annual event fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, and as a co-founder of CryptopiaSLC.xyz, a prominent crypto event series.

In addition to his impressive professional background, Martin Miranda is known for his inquisitive mind and critical thinking. He's a proponent of questioning conventional narratives, including his belief that Epstein's death remains shrouded in mystery.