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Finding the right AI Businesses to Participate With VS Invest In

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Key Highlights

  • There are three principles to utilize when identifying AI companies to get involved with and potentially invest in. 
    • The principle of investing in the Jockey not the Horse. Find someone who can lead, guide, and manage efficiently.
    • Look at the environment. Which category are you looking at? Do you want to create a business or service?
    • Research events you want to be a part of. Invite companies that are going to teach new things.  

Jeff Crane

Jeff Crane, Founder of AI Incubated - Jeff's experience with business development has advanced his achievements to new heights. He founded uPlej in 2008, was the co-founder of Glyph.id in 2018, and founded AI Incubated in 2023 earlier this year. He is the current CEO at both AI Incubated and AI.NYC. Jeff was awarded one of the "40 under 40" successful entrepreneurs in the State of Utah for his work with uPlej, a charity system that helps charities raise money with the unassociated high costs of fundraising.