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Key Highlights

  • In the realm of webinars, sustaining audience engagement is a paramount concern, given the diminishing attention spans. Long webinars, even on intriguing topics, often result in waning interest.  
  • To counter this, a segmented approach proves effective. Breaking the webinar into three distinct 15-minute segments, each featuring discussions with different individuals on diverse topics. The webinar's format plays a crucial role in audience retention.  
  • The "Big Shot" webinar entails bringing a prominent figure on stage, leveraging their platform for promotion, and fostering collaboration for effective post-event efforts.  
  • The "Competitor Battle" webinar introduces a host to mediate discussions, pose questions, and seamlessly guide the session through various topics, enhancing engagement and interest. 

Ollie Whitfield

Ollie is a marketing team lead at VanillaSoft. He has lead the Demand Generation team and has run the marketing strategy for VanillaSoft and Autoklose, the top Sales Engagement platforms for B2B, Higher Education, Insurance, Appointment Setting, and Outsourced Sales firms. He has a passion for creating engaging and impactful webinars, podcasts, and virtual conferences that attract, educate, and convert our target audience. Far too much of B2B is Boring2Boring at the moment. It's not fun to produce and it's certainly not fun to create. OIlie is working on turning the tide, one webinar powerpoint slide at a time.